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Summer Tips

** NEVER leave your animals unattended in a parked car. Temperatures soar quickly.

** Keep pets away from fireworks. They may try to retrieve one or step on burning material.  Some pets may become frightened and run away.

** Provide plenty of fresh water and shelter from the heat. Outdoor pets may turn their bowls over, leaving them with nothing to quench their thirst. If pets must be tied out, make sure that they cannot become entangled. A few wraps around a tree could make it impossible to reach the water bowl.

** Summertime brings out mosquitoes which transmit heartworms, and ticks which transmit Lyme disease and Erlichiosis. Make sure your pets are current on their vaccinations and heartworm preventatives.

** Your companions need protection against fleas, ticks and internal parasites. These parasites cause tremendous irritation and transmit life-threatening diseases.


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